Three polaroids in a row of a woman in a cowgilr jacket. The images are polaroids and in black and white and the text under them says even cowgirls get the blues

Another self portrait. I sit on the bathroom floor with my arm on the toilet and a floral shower curtain behind my head as my roomate cuts my bangs from the right with little kid scissors.

A play on the shape of your skin and how you see yourself and others.If you reached out and touched my hand and you couldn't see my face would you know it was me? Second in my series on identity, fluidity, love and skin I took digital images of my own body, printed them out black and white and distorted their shape on a white background. I then captured the image on black and white film, which is the final scan presented. We all want to be seen, but how?

A self-portrait taken in the rain. There are lattices in the background and the girls mouth is open and the photo is blurry and in black and white.

A woman wearing a painted prom dress looks directly into the camera. She is sitting down in an outdoor setting, looking up into the camera

A girl looks right at the camera. The scene is lit in red, there are red sweaters on the wall behind her and her bangs are curly and ununsual.